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Are YOU suffering with foot or ankle pain?

Is the way YOU walk causing you back or hip pain?

Do YOU need orthotics to solve your problem?

Your FREE Gaitscan computerised foot scan Assessment from the Team at In Balance Physiotherapy & Fitness will Reveal:

How important YOUR feet are for the rest of your body

How small differences in movement could be the cause of YOUR pain.

If YOU need custom made orthotics to fix the cause of YOUR pain.

How to fix common problems YOU may have like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, knee pain, low back pain and a range of others

Book a no-obligation FREE GaitScan Assessment with one of our top Physiotherapists and receive a clear plan of how to manage your problem properly.


GaitScan™ is a state of the art computerised scanning system that provides a detailed analysis of your feet and their movement. This analysis, combined with your physiotherapists’ experience and knowledge, detects abnormal foot function which may be affecting your feet or other parts of your body.


What are they?

Custom Orthotics are medical devices worn in your shoes that are manufactured to address your unique biomechanics needs and gait imbalances. That are crafted by skilled technicians at The Orthotic Group based on your GaitScan and detailed clinical findings from your health provider. Custom Orthotics fit comfortably into all shoes.

How do they help?

Custom Orthotics help your body restore a natural balance and normal movement patterns, thereby reducing strain, pain and discomfort. Over time custom orthotics will bring you relief from excessive pressure points, fatigue and pain, allowing you to enjoy day activities once again.

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