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Our Service Model

Physiotherapy is evolving … come and experience the difference.

Stage 1:  Diagnosis (RM Diagnosis)

We will take you through a comprehensive assessment of your whole neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles &  joints) to identify the cause of your condition, as well as any contributing factors that may be influencing it.

We treat while we assess your condition, and with many cases, you may experience a rapid improvement during this stage. 

We can identify which types of treatment you will respond best to and whether or not you may need referral for a different type of management of your condition. 

We do not continue to treat you without results. This process takes generally 60-120 minutes. 

Stage 2: Treatment and Resolution (RM Fix)

Treatment to the underlying cause of your condition and any other secondary factors to get you back to pain free full function.

You will see your progress tracked on a graph to determine how many sessions are required for full pain free function.

This importantly involves teaching you about your condition and how to best look after yourself to minimise recurrence.

This process normally takes a min of 60 -120 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition.



Stage 3: Prevention and Optimisation Phase (RM Tune-up)

Prevention is better than cure, and this stage is for us to assist you manage your condition in the most optimal way as required.

There are 3 main reasons you want this type of service:

  1. To test how well you are managing the condition on your own.
  2. To progress your skills for achieving better movement patterns that will further prevent recurrence of your condition.
  3. To treat any re-accumulation of strain that has occurred through simply living


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