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Our Difference?

IBPF is the only locally owned and operated registered provider of NDIS therapy supports in the Wheatbelt.
We use local and community minded Allied Health Assistants (AHA) to maximise therapy frequency, ensure continuity of services and minimise the cost of travel. Senior Allied Health Professionals are used for comprehensive assessments, treatment plans and to closely support our AHA’s.

We believe in a client-focused and inclusive collaborative approach to therapy across the lifespan. We offer a large experienced therapy team including Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Allied Health Assistants. Click here for the IBPF NDIS Services Guide.

We will work with you and your support team through a shared Network Resource and provide training and up-skilling of your support team to implement therapist strategies. We want to promote as much choice and independence as possible for the best results.

Our Team will help you to decide on the best Service Model to reach your goals.
The Models include:

1. AHA Model
2. Therapy Model
3. Key Worker Model
4. Group Model

Allied Health Assistants

The AHA model involves using local Allied Health Assistants to provide therapeutic support to Participants under the guidance of Senior Consultant Therapists. They provide multidisciplinary support, within clearly defined parameters, to work towards meeting Participants’ NDIS goals. Allied Health Assistants collaborate regularly with Senior Therapists.

Benefits of using a local Allied Health Assistant Model:

  • Helps address long waitlists and travel costs.
  • Ongoing safe and effective therapy by someone who understands and is part of the community.
  • Senior Therapists input into all assessments and planning.
  • Allows more frequent and ongoing support for both participants and their families.
  • Offer more sustainable, continuity of service by addressing by difficulty in recruiting and retaining in regional areas.


Our physiotherapists work with adults and children to achieve functional mobility and daily living goals. Physiotherapy helps to improve health, balance, coordination and strength through tailored therapy, exercises, strategies and advice. They will also help with selection and prescription of mobility equipment.

Speech Pathology

Our speech pathologists are experts in swallowing, language, comprehension and vocabulary. They are also equipped to manage emotional regulation and social interaction skills. They will help with selection and implementation of communication devices and strategies.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapist is equipped with the knowledge and skills to work both children and adults to achieve everyday activities with confidence. They are experts at working with children to improve learning, fine motor skills, behavioural challenges and social skills. They will help with selection and prescription of various equipment needs from home modifications to objects of daily use.

For those who cannot attend our Clinic, we can offer Home Visits and Telehealth.

In Balance Physiotherapy & Fitness is guided by the Principles of the NDIS and the Rules of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

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