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Group Model

Group setting run by a Key Worker (one therapist delivering strategies from multiple disciplines) and best suited for participants with minimal therapy needs.

What is it?

Therapy Groups are run onsite at IBPF between 3.30pm and 5.30pm over 8-week School Terms. Groups run for 50 minutes.

There are different types of groups based on the specific support needs and goal areas of the participants. All groups focus on four core learning outcomes in the areas of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding others
  • Communication
  • Friendships


Warrior (Therapist Instructor)

The Warrior Group provides children with the opportunity to learn, practice and improve social skills while also developing lifelong natural movement/gross motor skills. The group works towards developing functional strength/movement, communication, emotional regulation, and independence.

Participation in this program is aimed at increasing self-esteem, improving participation in social activities in the community/school and high school readiness.

ELIGIBILITY: This group is best suited to students in years 6-12 who attend a mainstream education setting, and/or can participate in group environments with low to moderate support.

Picasso (AHA Instructor)

The Picasso Group is designed to support the development of introductory-level social skills such as sharing and turn-taking for school-aged children with Autism, with moderate to high level support needs. The group uses practical hands-on Art activities to help develop communication, interaction skills, self-regulation and express emotions through art while having FUN.

ELIGIBILITY: This group is best suited to students in years 2-6 who attend an education support setting and/or have moderate to high level support needs.

Key Points

  • Small Groups (maximum 4 Participants per Instructor)
  • Children participate in group independently (family to arrange pick up and drop off)
  • Models are based on 8 weeks per term
  • Cost may class vary based on number of Participants (e.g. 1:3 or 1:4) and who is the instructor.
  • Group Instructor is either a Therapist or AHA
  • Group Instructor acts as a Keyworker (KW)
  • Lead Therapist will be either Speech Pathologist or Occupational Therapist and will oversee the KW and Groups through Joint sessions, Network Resource and Collaboration Meetings.


  • Initial and Final Assessment by Lead Therapist
  • Participant Service Plan: Initial report outlining a comprehensive therapy plan with goals, outcome measures and plan for the year.
  • Network Resource: Therapy plan with strategies to be used by the Group Instructor and the Participants family/network. It will be used as a reference in collaboration meetings and network communications.
  • Collaboration: Lead Therapist meets with each Group Instructor once per term to review all participants and modify group strategies if required.
  • Joint sessions: Lead therapist joins the group for interactive upskilling and quality assurance.
  • Regular Group sessions in the clinic.
  • Final Outcome Report: Comprehensive report outlining achievements for the year and recommendations for Therapy going forward.
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