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Posture Pro

Are YOU suffering with back or neck pain?

Is the way YOU stand causing you stiffness or pain?

Do YOU need postural exercises to solve your problem?


Your FREE PosturePro computerised posture scan assessment from the Team at In Balance Physiotherapy & Fitness will Reveal:

  • How important YOUR posture is?
  • How small differences in movement could be the cause of YOUR pain
  • If YOU need a custom action plan to fix the cause of YOUR pain

Book a no-obligation FREE PosturePro Assessment with one of our top Physiotherapists and receive a clear plan of how to manage your problem properly.


PosturePro is a state of the art computerised scanning system that provides a detailed analysis of your postural alignment and gravitational force throughout your body. This analysis, combined with your physiotherapists’ experience and knowledge, detects abnormal posture which may be causing you discomfort or pain.

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